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Cordless High Pressure Washer

Cordless High Pressure Washer

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Designed for Smaller Jobs

Powerful 20-Volt / 100-Watt motor generates 320 PSI of maximum water pressure and a maximum flow rate of 3.0L/min. The pressure is concentrated in a smaller area than a regular 110volt or gas-operated pressure washer. Ideal for smaller jobs, such as cleaning camper vans, internal fenders on trucks and porches, or clean floors, dirt on the garage, and glass windows. It is not a purpose for big projects such as remove deep mud and smudges and paint, etc.

How to Use it Correctly

If unable to draw water from the bucket, please follow these steps to resolve the priming problem. Step 1: You can completely submerge the hose in the water to get the air out of the line and then plug it into the pressure washer. Step 2: Please put the bucket up higher than the pressure washer and run it until the water reaches the wand. When the line is full of water the pressure washer will work normally.

45 Min Battery

For a total of three battery indicator lights, the first indicator light is red, the second and the third indicator light are green. Please press the battery icon, to check how much battery power is left.
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