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Anti Wrinkle Collagen Face Mask

Anti Wrinkle Collagen Face Mask

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A Spa-Quality Wrinkle-Free Facial Treatment at Home

The Collagen Threads technique is an expensive beauty salon facial procedure. Treat yourself to this treatment directly at home: mask the effects of time, fill in your wrinklesand give your skin a smooth and plump appearance.

 fil collagène avant après

💛 Visible Results from the very first use
🔆 Long-lasting effects
✨ Quick & easy 

 Fil collagène ride

Professionals recommend us

"Excellent product. I am a skincare expert and esthetician and have placed hundreds of threads for my patients. The Dulce Collagen Threads are of excellent quality and have a good resistance over time! I really recommend this brand. For your information, we charge the equivalent of 800€ per session for a full facial placement."

Sophie L. - Esthetician and Skincare Expert  fil colagene avis

How do collagen  work ?

The protein mask is composed of absorbable proteins and collagen. The application of our mask in the hollow of the wrinkles and the spraying of the serum (provided in the kit) allows the skin to absorb the collagen present in few seconds.

Applying the collagen mask can take between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated

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