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DriveView ProFlex 360

DriveView ProFlex 360

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Elevate your driving experience with the all-in-one DriveView ProFlex 360—a revolutionary rotatable and retractable car phone holder that integrates seamlessly with your rearview mirror. This innovative device functions as a driving recorder bracket, DVR/GPS mobile phone support, and more.


Rotatable and Retractable Car Phone Holder – Vital Rack


360-Degree Rotatability for Perfect Viewing: Navigate with ease using the 360-degree rotatable feature, ensuring your phone is always at the optimal viewing angle. Enjoy a customizable and convenient setup tailored to your preferences.

Retractable Design for Maximum Convenience: The retractable design allows for easy adjustment and storage when not in use. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and compactness, maximizing both convenience and safety. 360°Rotatable and Retractable Car Phone Holder Car Rearview  Mirror Bracket,Multifunctional Adjustable Universal Phone Holder,Universal  Phone GPS Holder Phone Mount Holder for All Smartphones and Car : Cell  Phones & Accessories


Integrated DVR and GPS Functionality: Capture every moment of your drive in crystal-clear detail with the integrated DVR and GPS functionalities. The DriveView ProFlex 360 serves as a reliable driving recorder, providing peace of mind for unforeseen circumstances on the road.



Built-in Mobile Phone Support: Stay connected on the road with the built-in mobile phone support. Keep your device secure and accessible at all times, enhancing both safety and accessibility during your journey.

Seamless Cable Management System: Bid farewell to tangled cables! The DriveView ProFlex 360 features a seamlessly integrated cable management system, ensuring a tidy and organized setup that complements the sleek design.


Universal Clip Rotatable and Retractable Car Phone Holder Rearview Mirror  Driving Recorder Bracket DVR/GPS Mobile Phone Support - AliExpress


Upgrade your drive with the cutting-edge technology and convenience of the DriveView ProFlex 360—where innovation meets style, functionality, and safety on the road!

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