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Engraved Crocodile Lighter

Engraved Crocodile Lighter

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 🐊Crocodile Double Fire Lighter Windproof🔥

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✌️Two Flame Modes🔥

1.💨Wind-proof direct jet blue fire

Open the headcover, press the switch to directly hit the flame, and the fire will be fierce and windproof.

2. Switch to open flame

Press the ignition switch to go straight into the blue flame and it will come out, release the switch and the flame becomes an open flame.(Butane Not Included)

🤩Innovative Styling🤩

The headcover of the fuselage adopts an animal shape and three-dimensional sculpture, which is vivid and vivid. The frosted shell is comfortable to the touch.

🔥Flame Size Adjustment☸️

The flame size adjustment valve at the bottom can adjust the flame size at will. The gas-filled flame regulating valve is designed in one piece, which can refill the gas in a cycle.(Butane Not Included)


Suitable for any type of use, the torch lighter is suitable for kitchen, barbecue, hiking, camping, candles, and other occasions.


Crocodile Lighter

Material: Zinc Alloy

Color: Black frosted, Gold frosted, Blue frosted

Weight: 46 Grams

Size: 73*33*13mm

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