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Foam Cleanser

Foam Cleanser

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Keep the Car Fresh

The fresh lemon scent of the garden can keep the car interior fresh and eliminate peculiar smells.

30ML WATERLESS FABRIC FOAMING POWER CLEANSER Multi purpose Dry Cleaning  Spray Clothes Stain Remover Dry Cleaning Agent|Laundry Detergent| -  AliExpress

No Flushing

The water-based cleaner only needs water to convert the cleaning liquid into a foam form. No need to rinse after cleaning.

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Clean Any Surface

Suitable for any material, including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, rubber, metal, timber, gel coat, glass fiber, etc. Capacity: 100ml


Ultraviolet Protection Coating

Prevent fading, discoloration and cracking due to harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Foam Cleaner™ (50% OFF TODAY)

100% Grease-free

Remove the adhered dirt, leaving a non-greasy, dry and matte surface with no peculiar smell, lasting about 3 months. 100% free of silicone oil and petroleum distillates that produce grease.

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