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Fur Away

Fur Away

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Say goodbye to pet hair with Fur Away!, the portable pet hair remover that tackles fur on the go. This compact and powerful tool is perfect for removing hair from sweaters, sofas, clothes, and any other surface your furry friend might shed on.


2-Sided Portable Fur Remover – Everyday Paws


Here's why you'll love Fur Away!:

    • Portable: Take it with you wherever you and your pet go. Perfect for travel, car rides, and keeping your home fur-free.
    • Powerful: Removes even the toughest pet hair, including long, short, and fine fur.
    • Versatile: Use it on sweaters, sofas, clothes, carpets, car seats, and more.
    • Reusable: No more wasting money on disposable lint rollers. Simply clean the brush with soap and water.
    • Safe: Gentle on all fabrics and won't damage your clothes or furniture.
    • Easy to use: Simply roll the brush back and forth to remove hair.
    • Multi-purpose: Can also be used to remove dust, lint, and other debris.


Portable Fuzz Shaver Pet Hair Remover For Carpet, Scraper Tool For Clothes  | eBay


Fur Away! is the perfect solution for keeping your home and clothing free of pet hair. It's a must-have for any pet owner!

Order your Fur Away! today and say goodbye to pet hair forever!

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