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HumBird Speaker

HumBird Speaker

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Introducing the HumBird Speaker: Your Ultimate Sound Companion

Elevate your audio experience with the remarkable HumBird Speaker. This innovative device transforms the way you listen, offering an immersive soundscape for music, podcasts, calls, gaming, and more. Whether you're unwinding or on a call, immerse yourself in the superior sound quality of your favorite media.


 HUMBIRD- The Original and World´s Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker –


🎶 Immersive Sound, Anywhere 🎶

The HumBird Speaker redefines versatility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between music, podcasts, calls, and even conference conversations. Experience the immersive audio quality that transforms your gaming sessions, videos, and films into captivating experiences.

🔊 Power in Compact Form 🔊

Though small, the HumBird Speaker roars with power. Its compact size belies its exceptional sound volume – 4 to 5 times louder than standard cell phone speakers, reaching up to an astounding 115dB. Customize your audio experience with unparalleled tone quality.

🌟 Portability Meets Style 🌟

Designed to accompany you wherever you go, the HumBird Speaker boasts exceptional portability. Its lightweight build ensures you can carry it effortlessly, ensuring that your favorite soundtracks are always within reach. Beyond its functionality, this device showcases exquisite craftsmanship, adding a touch of style to your audio endeavors.


 Humbirdspeaker Bone Conduction Speakers Bluetooth Tws Stereo High Volume  Binaural Mini Speakers Duramobi With Hd Calling Fm Radi - Speakers -  AliExpress


Versatile Audio Amplification

Place the HumBird Speaker atop a range of surfaces – from photo frames to dashboards, guitar surfaces to sports helmets – and transform ordinary spaces into concert halls of sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet Material: Metal
  • Audio Crossover: Two-Way
  • Built-in Microphone: No
  • Channels: 2 (2.0)
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant: NONE
  • Output Power: 3W

Package Included

1 pc * HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker

Please Note

  1. Color Variation: Actual item color may slightly differ from images due to monitor differences.
  2. Dimension Difference: Allow for slight differences in measurements due to manual methods.

With the HumBird Speaker, experience audio like never before. Elevate your audio journey and immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound, all in a portable and beautifully crafted package.

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