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Kinetic Spins

Kinetic Spins

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Our high-quality fully metal spinning kinetic desk toy is perfect for taking away your stress and anxiety. They spin up to 12 minutes and create a hypnotic optical illusion that recharges your focus. They come in 2 variations brass and stainless steel with a complimentary bag.

What Is It?

Kinetic Spins are satisfying desk toys that take away your stress and anxiety. Say goodbye to the days of endless boredom.  Kinetic Spins are calming, satisfying, and addictive. It is a fidget toy that recharges your focus.

Discover New Tricks

High-frequency drop- What is unique about the Kinetic Spins is the high-frequency drop. Instead of spinning it normally try spinning it on its side. When you spin it on its side It creates a high-frequency spin that gets faster and faster as it drops. It can spin this way for up to 1:30 minutes.

Continuous Motion

The Kinetic Spins is mesmerizing as it spins. Its continuous motion along with its spinning spiral creates a hypnotic optical illusion that recharges your focus and gets rid of your stress and anxiety.
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