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Magic Floating Ring

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Want to trick your Family and Friends?

This Magnetic Floating Ring allows you to do Magic Tricks!
This Floating Ring Can Be Used In Numerous Magic Tricks!
Easy Magic Trick for Magicians of All Ages and Skill Levels!

The color Silver and Black Rare earth magnetic ring will surely be a big hit as you perform magic tricks.

The appearance is a simple ring, but it hides the mystery. On a quiet occasion, the ring suddenly rises and hangs.

They cheer in surprise, and you could enjoy the applause and cheers of the friends. This is the best partner of the stage performance props.

Brand new and high quality strong magnetic ring can be used in numerous magic tricks, you can create your own magic.

The appearance is just like a common ring, yet with a strong magnet, it allows you to create ultimate effects.



Take this ring and put a coin/pistachio into the cup. Turn the glass up side down. The coin did not fall because of the ring’s magnetic force. This is the simplest way to perform, but can bring a magical effect to people. Its amazing effects and ease of use will make you happy to your family and friends, as well as make you a focal point at parties. There are many other ways of performing it, and many famous magic tricks use it as a foundation. You can create many other forms of performance.

The appearance is just like a common ring, yet with a strong magnet, it allows you to create ultimate effects.

◾One of the best-kept SECRET in Magic…

The audience will stare in disbelief as their finger ring suspends, floats up, down, left, right and, finally back onto your little finger.

▪️Start clean, end clean.
▪️Perform any time in your act.
▪️Perfect for strolling magic.


Material: stainless steel

Color: as pictures show

Size: 20 mm



1 x Magnetic ring + 1 x Special props in the box + 3 x Playing cards

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