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Metal Montessori Puzzle

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Educational Wire Chain 8 Set for Kids and Adults

All the coils are smooth and has NO SHARP EDGES for endless play without getting hurt and are bigger and sturdier than other wire puzzles. The links are made from heavy duty 4.5 stainless steel that doesn’t easily bend or break even when thrown or stepped on.

Montessori Materials 8 Pcs/Set Metal Wire Puzzle Iq Mind Brain Teaser  Puzzles Game For Adults And Kids 3 Style Good Family Gift|puzzle game|metal  wire puzzlewire puzzle - AliExpress

Mind Game Handheld Disentanglement Puzzle Toys

These manipulative links challenge players’ critical thinking and problem solving while helping improve their IQ and EQ. Test logic and creative minds with this cool yet simple brainteaser. These brain games are perfect for passing time, fidgeting, and avoiding gadgets and electronics. They’re a healthier way to practice focus and concentration. Also works are a fidget toy. Can also be used for fun party games.

8pcs/set metal rings montessori puzzle toys – Jenny Ray

3D Coil Cast IQ Logic Educational Wire Chain with Plastic Storage Box and Solutions

Great gift for boys, girls, men and women ages. The perfect size makes it easy for small and large hands to play comfortably. Everyone can enjoy these unique novelty gifts, from children, teens, and adults. Can be played by a single player or a group. Give as gifts for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, as well as party favors. Caution, not suitable for kids 5 years old and below. 8PCS/Set Montessori Materials Metal Puzzle Wire IQ Mind Brain  Teaser Puzzles for Children Adults Anti-Stress Reliever Toys : Toys & Games

Best Novelty Idea

Get an assortment of 6 medium to large size puzzles of different shapes from easy to hard levels. You can play by yourself or with friends. It comes in a thick plastic drawer box with one unit for each piece. It makes the puzzles easy to access and store. Finding the disentanglement too difficult? Worry not! The package comes with a diagram instructions so you won’t get frustrated and stuck. 8PCS/Set Montessori Materials Metal Puzzle Wire IQ Mind Brain  Teaser Puzzles for Children Adults Anti-Stress Reliever Toys : Toys & Games


Solve these puzzles anywhere: in the car, at school, at home or at the office. They’re mini and super light and can fit in your pocket. They are travel must have. Have endless fun with friends with these handheld mind twisters.

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Jason Spinka

Thank you, all perfect

Erica Koch


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Lance Lakin

Very good, a little small, but US distracted very



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