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Step into the world of adventure with the MobileArmory IC380 Folding Gun Toy - Phone Model Edition. This cool and innovative toy combines the thrill of outdoor games with the charm of mobile phones, creating a unique sports prop and a perfect gift for fans of adventure and outdoor activities.


2023 New Popular Folding Mobile Phone Creative Deformation Folding Toy Gun  Play Cool Phone 14 Pro Max Gift for Kids Adult - AliExpress


Key Features:

  1. Futuristic Folding Design: The IC380 Folding Gun Toy boasts a sleek and futuristic design, resembling a mobile phone when folded. Unleash the unfolding mechanism to reveal a cool and exciting toy pistol, ready for action.

  2. Phone Model Aesthetics: Mimicking the appearance of a modern mobile phone, the IC380 adds a touch of creativity to outdoor games. Surprise your friends with the transformation from a phone model to a dynamic sports prop.

  3. Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max Size: Specifically designed to resemble the size and shape of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the IC380 creates a fun and engaging experience for users familiar with the popular mobile phone model.

  4. Bullet Shelling Action: Experience the thrill of bullet shelling with this toy pistol. Engage in outdoor games and adventures, adding an element of excitement to your playtime.

  5. Perfect Outdoor Game Prop: Ideal for outdoor games, sports events, or as a prop for imaginative play, the IC380 Folding Gun Toy brings a new dimension to your adventures, encouraging active and creative play.

  6. Great Gift for Adventure Enthusiasts: Surprise your friends or loved ones with this unique and captivating gift. The IC380 is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities, sports, and imaginative play.


New Children's Folding Toy Gun Guns Funny Toy Gift for Boy Soft Bullet  Pistol | eBay


How to Use:

  1. Hold the IC380 in its folded form, resembling a mobile phone.
  2. Unfold the toy to reveal the pistol shape.
  3. Load the toy with soft bullets for bullet shelling action.
  4. Engage in outdoor games, sports, or imaginative play with friends.


  • The IC380 Folding Gun Toy is a recreational prop and is not designed to shoot real bullets or cause harm.

Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures: Add a dash of excitement to your outdoor activities with the MobileArmory IC380 Folding Gun Toy - Phone Model Edition. Whether you're engaging in sports, games, or creative play, this innovative toy provides endless fun and surprises for adventure enthusiasts.

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