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Octolaser Ultra Military Grade

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The Most Powerful Portable Laser Ever Made

The Octolaser is the world's most powerful handheld laser! It can burn almost anything and has a range of 50 miles!

Burning laser laser pointer banggood GIF on GIFER - by Arallador

The Most Powerful Beam

Powerful proton nuclei rays are forced through the stainless steel tube to create an extremely powerful laser beam

Burning Blue Laser Pointer Pen 10000mw Beam Light Class IV For Sale


This laser is powerful enough to burn objects, so we highly recommend avoiding pointing the beam at flammable objects. The beam can reach as far as 50+ miles, and pointing the laser at the sky is prohibited as it can confuse aircrafts

We recommend wearing sunglasses or protective eye gear when operating this laser, and caution against pointing it anywhere near the eyes. This is on s toy, but rather the most powerful handheld laser ever built

Customer Reviews

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Avis McClure

Octolaser Ultra Military Grade

Eleanora Welch

Octolaser Ultra Military Grade

Nelson Oberbrunner

Octolaser Ultra Military Grade

Jazlyn Labadie

Excellent product, complete and functional. Very father the laser and powerful maybe not what ma but what da most is used perfecti

Ruth Cormier

Octolaser Ultra Military Grade



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