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PowerVac 29000Pa Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

PowerVac 29000Pa Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Experience the ultimate in car cleaning with the PowerVac 29000Pa Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner—a cordless handheld powerhouse designed for exceptional suction, making it your go-to solution for both wet and dry cleaning. With its strong suction and versatile capabilities, this vacuum cleaner efficiently tackles dust, dirt, and spills in your car interior.


29000PA Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Strong Suction Handheld 차량용  청소기 2000mah Portable Vacuum Cleaner Car & Home Dual Use - AliExpress

Key Features:

  1. Powerful 29000Pa Suction: Equipped with an impressive 29000Pa suction power, the PowerVac ensures thorough cleaning, effortlessly picking up dust, debris, and even wet spills from your car interior.

  2. Cordless and Wireless Design: Say goodbye to tangled cords. The wireless design of the PowerVac provides convenient and hassle-free cleaning, allowing you to reach every corner of your car without limitations.

  3. Wet and Dry Vacuuming: Whether it's spilled drinks or accumulated dust, the PowerVac handles both wet and dry messes with ease. Keep your car interior clean and fresh, no matter the mess.

  4. Air Duster Functionality: The PowerVac doubles as an air duster, helping you eliminate dust from hard-to-reach places. Achieve a thorough and efficient cleaning experience for every nook and cranny of your car.

  5. Portable and Handheld: With its handheld design, the PowerVac is easy to carry and maneuver, making it ideal for on-the-go cleaning. Keep your car pristine anywhere, anytime.

  6. Easy to Clean and Maintain: The removable and washable filter makes cleaning the PowerVac a breeze. Maintain optimal performance by regularly cleaning the filter for long-lasting suction power.

  7. Versatile Car Interior Cleaning: The PowerVac comes with various attachments to cater to different cleaning needs. Effortlessly clean carpets, upholstery, tight spaces, and more with the included nozzle attachments.


29000Pa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction Mini Portable Car Home  Duster -

How to Use:

  1. Charge the PowerVac before use.
  2. Choose the appropriate attachment for the cleaning task.
  3. Turn on the PowerVac and start cleaning your car interior.
  4. Empty the dustbin and clean the filter regularly for optimal performance.


Upgrade Your Car Cleaning Routine: Elevate your car cleaning experience with the PowerVac 29000Pa Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner—a powerful, cordless, and versatile solution for maintaining a spotless car interior. From quick cleanups to tackling wet spills, the PowerVac is your trusted companion for on-the-go car care.

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