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MacroLens ProScope 400X Kit for iPhone

MacroLens ProScope 400X Kit for iPhone

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Unleash the microscopic world at your fingertips with the MacroLens ProScope 400X Kit—a professional-grade microscope phone lens case specially designed for iPhones. Dive into the details with this innovative lens tinyscope kit, complete with built-in light and advanced optics for a mesmerizing microscopy experience.


400X Mobile Phone Microscope Macro Lens for Ios Iphone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max  Universal Mini Mobile Phone Camera Video Micro Lens - AliExpress


Key Features:

  1. 400X Magnification Power: Explore the intricate details of everyday objects with 400X magnification, revealing a world unseen by the naked eye. Ideal for hobbyists, educators, and professionals who crave a closer look.

  2. Built-in LED Light: Illuminate your subjects with the built-in LED light for crystal-clear imaging. Enhance visibility and capture detailed images even in low-light conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

  3. Precision Optics: The MacroLens ProScope features high-quality optics crafted for precision and clarity. Experience distortion-free magnification and capture sharp, vibrant images with ease.

  4. Phone Lens Case Compatibility: Designed exclusively for iPhones, the lens case effortlessly transforms your smartphone into a powerful microscope. Enjoy the convenience of magnifying objects directly through your phone's camera.

  5. Compact and Portable: Carry your microscope wherever you go with this compact and portable kit. Perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts, educators, or anyone eager to explore the microscopic wonders of the world.

  6. Easy to Use: The MacroLens ProScope is user-friendly, allowing you to attach the lens case to your iPhone effortlessly. Begin your microscopic exploration with ease, capturing stunning images and videos directly on your phone.


Macro 400X Microscope Lens HD Camera Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case  Cover | eBay


Kit Includes:

  • MacroLens ProScope 400X Lens
  • Phone Lens Case
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Lens Tinyscope Kit Tipscope


Macro 400X Microscope Lens HD Camera Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case  Cover | eBay


Enhance Your Microscopy Journey: Whether you're a biology enthusiast, a science educator, or someone curious about the hidden details around you, the MacroLens ProScope 400X Kit opens a new realm of discovery. Elevate your microscopy journey with this advanced lens kit for iPhone.

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