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Protective Leather Salve

Protective Leather Salve

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🪑 Renew Your Furniture: Revitalize tired furniture with our specialized furniture and leather salve. Treat your beloved chair or sofa to a rejuvenating experience akin to a spa day. A mere dab of this salve is all it takes to restore the smoothness and shine of leather and wood.


🌿 Furniture TLC: Crafted with premium ingredients, our salve offers gentle care for your furniture. Safeguard, polish, and nourish your pieces without the use of harsh chemicals. It's care you can trust and feel great about.


🖌️ Effortless Application: Equipped with its own brush, the salve ensures a seamless and mess-free process. Simply dip the brush and glide it over your furniture for a hassle-free refresh. Enjoy the ease of application along with a delightful fresh scent.


Product Details:
Furniture Leather Salve & Brush
Dimensions: Product: 8.3*8.3*3.5(cm), Brush: 7.5*2(cm)

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