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Windproof Face Shield

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Full Face Mask

A large area from the eyebrows to the chin to protect against foreign aggression, Full Facial Protection from droplets, saliva, splash, oil, and dust. (Note: not suitable for wearing glasses)

How To Use

This product is presented with two pairs of filter cotton. Before use, remove the filter tank at the bottom of the lower cover, put the filter cotton flat, cover it, and install it back. It can effectively filter particulate matter in the air, which is safe and assured

Ultra-Clear And Anti-Fogging

Face shields provide super clear visibility and have superior optics that let in the maximum amount of light, while the anti-fogging material resists fog under extended use.

The Correct Way to Wear

Don't stuff your face all the way into the face shield, align your chin with the edge under the shield so that it doesn't fog up. If you have any questions about the product, please send us an email and we will have a professional customer service team to serve you.


This One-size-fits-all replaceable and reusable visor with glass attachment is a practical and portable protective solution. The visor can be cleaned after every use with soap and water, or wiped with disinfectant (recommended).

Customer Reviews

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Fredrick Schinner

Windproof Face Shield

Tod Littel

Windproof Face Shield

Audrey Jakubowski

Windproof Face Shield

Patsy Homenick

I’m very satisfied with seller

Xander Koepp

nice seller, the product is very good



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