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Zip Chip

Zip Chip

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So Here's How It All Works

The Zip Chip was designed to fit in your pocket,

fly over 200 feet, and provide fun for all ages, anytime & anyplace!


Whether you’re playing catch in the backyard, filming

a trick shot or, making up your own game, the Zip Chip is the most fun outdoors game that you’ve never heard of!




Select Your Backyard
Chip Colors

Shipped to
Your Door
In 2-4 days

Enjoy Endless Fun
with Friends
and Family

Product Details

✔Flies Over 200 Feet
✔10+ Chip Colors
✔Indestructible Design
✔Money-Back Guarantee

    How To Chip

    The Backyard Disc was designed to glide over 100 yards with ease..


    Grip the Chip with your thumb and pointer finger.


    Tuck your elbow close into your body!

    Flick your wrist and watch it fly!

    The Most Fun Outdoor Game Around
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